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Bistrot Badia Hill

Apero, day-drinking, nightcap - here we go! The Badia wine bar is the pulsating heart in the middle of the hotel.

TheBistrot Badia Hill stands out for its casual and appealing concept that combines Italian and local cuisine in one menu, the restaurant gives guests the opportunity to share a special experience and stands out for its unique concept that combines Italian and local cuisine in one menu, designed for those who appreciate and enjoy good food in a casual, communal atmosphere.


Michaela's passion is wine, together with spirits and cocktails. That's why the sommelier and head of the house has realised her dream of having her own winebar in the hotel. Here, everything revolves around the so-called "aperitif" - no matter what time of day. The best tapas go with the best wines: Black Angus burgers, prosciutto from the Berkel, truffle fries, bruschetta and pasta. From time to time, terrific steaks.

Daily open for everyone from 18:30pm to 21:30pm 
Also for external guests.
Large terrace.

Bistrot Style

From burgers to truffle fries, prosciutti to pasta, homemade bread and grissini. Plus the best wines, beers, cocktails and grappas selected by Michaela

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Explore the art of taste with our exclusive wine menu at Hotel Badia Hill. A unique wine journey that elevates every culinary moment.

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Bistrot Badia Hill

"I was allowed to work in service in numerous well-known restaurants. In many places, the so-called etiquette was a bit too stiff for me. Isn't it simply about eating well and drinking well? With the Bistrot Badia Hill, I welcome guests with drinks at check-in, serve light but tasty dishes at lunchtime, offer an elegant form of apre-ski with the best tapas and am happy to mix a proper nightcap for you. I am so happy to meet you!"

Michaela Mair
Your host

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