Ristorante Porcino

Fine Dining à la Marco. 

Porcino the gold of the Dolomites... The porcini mushroom stands for everything that we also stand for: alpine pleasure, something special, something mostly rare, something that is hard to find, but as soon as you have found it, you really enjoy it. It is the same with our hotel and restaurant.

Bon vivant, take a seat, let the culinary journey begin.


The menu of Marco enjoys great popularity, it offers the opportunity to taste the classics.
A journey where alpine finesse meets Mediterranean rafinesse. Absolutely recommendable.

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Michaela & Marco

Marco is the host and chef at Badia Hill. He learned to cook from renowned chefs and was most recently sous chef in a two-star Michelin restaurant. Marco has now realised his very big dream: his own restaurant, in his own hotel, with an idiosyncratic name. Ristorante Porcino.

Ristorante Porcino: Kitchen Thoughts.

The cuisine of the Porcino restaurant is meant to reflect the entire house. It is an elegant creative and unique cuisine made with the finest products from all over the world.
The combination of the finest ingredients from all over the world in combination with products from our region and our garden reflects the cow style. 
The cuisine lives from its lightness and refined sauces.

Marco Verginer
Owner & Chef


Michaela's great passion is wine. There is plenty of it in the wine bar. Plus the very best tapas like burgers, truffle fries, bruschetta and delicious prosciutti.

Badia Hill's Winebar

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33 brand new rooms & suites. Even if we pinch you, you wouldn’t wake up from this dream

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Good to know

When making your reservation, please review our menu and let us know if you have any allergies so that we have time to formulate an experience that meets your needs.

Due to organizational issues, groups of at least 5 people can only request the tasting menu.

We are delighted to organize events and corporate dinners inside our Porcino Restaurant.

We like very much have our dinner on the terrace and we would be able to do it every day. At 1315m above the sea level, the view is simply breathtaking but at sunset the temperature is not so warm and dining outside is not so enjoyable. We will do our best to let you dine on the terrace during the warm evenings from June till August. Please try not to be so disappointed if sometimes it would not be possible. You can enjoy a glass of wine under the stars ;)  Anyway warm wollen blankets are waiting for you all year long.